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    Vorpx was working for me, but after I reinstalled it I now get this error for any game I try to run with it. I’m using the Valve Index and I did switch the Device Selection to SteamVR, yet I still get that error message, even though I’ve never used or owned an Occulus.

    Can anyone help with this?


    I recall someone else having a similarl issue recently. Turned out that for there was an acces rights issue concerning the folder where the settings are stored.

    To check whether you are affected by the same issue:

    1. Make sure ‘Show hidden files’ is enabled in Window Explorer.
    2. Browse to C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX.
    3. Try to create a new file in this folder.

    If you either can’t access this folder at all or you can’t create a new file in it, something is wrong. In that case make sure that your normal Windows user has full access to the C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX folder.


    I do have access to the folder and can create files. Not sure what that means though. Is there a specific type of file I should be creating?


    A solution was given to me via Discord.

    For anyone else encountering this same issue, you have to go to C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX
    Open the vorpX.ini file, and change “sDeviceIniName=Oculus” to “sDeviceIniName=SteamVR” (or whichever VR platform you’d like to use).

    I’m assuming my PC was preventing this change from occurring after switching the General-Device Selection settings on the program, so I had to manually change it myself.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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