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    My profile contribution to this community. Profile uploaded to the cloud.

    Ghost Recon (2001) G3D using dgVoodoo2

    Spent a couple of hours tweaking this profile for a solid VR G3D experience. Thanks to Vorpx advanced authoring tool, I was able to adjust the sky box using the 3D multiplier within the shader tool. There is only one minor caveat. It appears the sky box shader and HUD are connected. Vorpx settings can be changed to your preference, I prefer a strong G3D effect. Also, you can use ctrl+end to remove the modified pixel shader if you want to compare and see what I mean. There is only one I modified. I prefer my changes though ;-) and the game is perfectly playable either way.

    Other points to note:

    – Ensure both “scale command map” + “scale hud” are enabled under gameplay options enabled. Great for text legibility on higher resolutions.
    – Use dgVoodoo2 and set resolution. I am using a resolution of 2560×1920 4:3 and have both anisotropic 16x and MSAA 8x
    – There are only a couple of minor issues considering like any other game not made for VR. This game is one of the better ones using Vorpx giving the full game experience. It is a blast to play with all the various tactics and game features.

    I am working on a couple of other game profiles and will share once complete. I have a working profile in G3D for the game Tesla Effect including some shader authoring. Have not uploaded yet. The game is really good now within the first person mode with full G3D. The only issue left is regarding the movies which seem to create a green overlay over part of the movie clip. There is a simple work around by hitting the Vorpx menu (del key) and disable the G3D from there. Then re-enable after the movie clip. The disable G3D hot key does not work. With the G3D disabled and using edgepeek, the movies play perfectly fine. This is a minor pain that I would like eliminate. If anyone got any ideas, let me know!

    Anyway, happy holidays to all of you!



    I managed to get VorpX to attach using dgvoodoo2 and can use the del menu with fullVR but the slider for G3D doesn’t work. Did anyone manage to get 3D working with dgvoodoo2 in ghost recon 2001?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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