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    VRified Games

    I have managed to get ghost wire Tokyo to hook.

    Profile is in the cloud, has Geometry 3D and positional tracking.

    Has some shader issues that have me a little stumped right now, any one wants to cast they’re eyes on this and see if we can make a usable profile?

    In order to get the game to hook you need to add a launch option to the game

    In steam right click the game, choose properties and in launch options type -dx11

    Also, for Fov you can use flawless widescreen
    And crank up to 30%

    So far fog renders in the right eye only
    There are post processing effects that seem to be hard coded so I need to have a look in the .ini files which is daunting.

    Otherwise, good 3d, Fov is good. But shaders are being difficult 😂

    VRified Games

    Okay some.ini tweaks help with visuals in VR so that’s progress


    VRified Games

    Okay so something bizarre I haven’t Come across before, any insight would be appreciated.

    When positional tracking is unlocked, or 3d fov enhancement used then some textures follow the viewpoint

    So strange, almost like HUD elements

    Not I cable in the first hospital section especially

    Wall tiles and floor move with the head 😂

    Hard to explain


    Can’t help with actually making the profile as I’ve no experience, but I have my fingers crossed for you here as I’d like to play this with vorpx too. Anyone out there with expertise want to lend a hand? Good luck to you Du1g0 either way!


    The ‘G3D FOV Enhancement’ option is unfortunately fairly useless in many modern games since it usually breaks too many things. There seems to be a mod though that let’s you set a higher FOV, better use that instead.

    Caveat: from the looks of it it’s an .exe replacement, so the mod will require an update after each game update.

    VRified Games

    some more progress today :-D

    thanks to Ralf for the Suggested mod.

    works great.

    now I have scalable HUD implemented.
    some shadier authoring to help with eyesores.

    i highly recommend these two mods for a better visual experience
    be sure to backup original files and follow instructions.

    for the FOV use the “super wide” .exe

    choose a 4:3 aspect ratio and resolution (i use 1600 x 1200)

    right now Positional is still borked, textures follow your heads position so walls look like the 70’s show when Eric is high lol

    one other issue I’m still facing is the Fog rendering in one eye only, so its now disabled, rely on audio cues to stay away from (the invisible) fog lol

    will update when i can, others please take a look at the profile and fix what i cant lol


    Thank your share , but i can’t switch to DX11, so can’t run it

    VRified Games

    If using steam

    Right click on the game

    Go to properties

    In that new screen look for “launch options”

    And in the box type -dx11



    so, i used your profile and although i have g3d available, it doesn’t have a 3d effect. I prefer to play it with zadaptive and flawesscreen for the fov. I uploaded my profile for those who want to try it.
    Du1g0, may I know which profile you used as a base?

    VRified Games

    Ofcourse, :-)

    I used medieval Dynesty user profile by Delrifter.

    But important to note you must use -dx11 command line and play windowed to get geometry 3d working


    VRified Games

    Nice find Avery :-)

    That will help with non steam versions

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