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    I mostly just want to use it with my existing library of PC games.

    Will I be able to turn my head and look around using vorpx in non-native VR games? Even if I can’t I’m still very much interested in it just to have games that I move around and look at with my mouse and keyboard be stereoscopic 3D.

    My other question is what about games that don’t seem to have a profile yet? Will they potentially work anyway? Or do they have to have a premade profile by the people at vorpx?

    Is there a place where we can submit a list that we like worked on? I’ve seen the page that has a couple hundred titles and checked the ones that cover what I want, but I’m also hoping to play the following :

    Autonauts, prototype one and two, Saints Row four , risk of rain two, sanctum two, satisfactory , tribes ascend , Warframe , Diablo 2, total annihilation, Hellgate 2038 ( the original Hellgate London seems to be on the list, but I don’t know if this new Hellgate revival would work) deep rock galactic , Trailmakers , middle Earth Shadow Of War, state of decay 2. StarCraft 1 and 2.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


    Hi, I’ve just got Vorpx and testing with the Quest2 myself (using usb cable & “link”). Only had it for one day but I’ve tested briefly with Black Mesa (haven’t got to any combat yet) and Dead Space 3 (played about 40 minutes so far) and they seem to work well in full VR mode (ie. 360 stereoscopic with head tracking). Also tried about couple of minutes in Middle Earth: Shadow of War & Tomb Raider (2013) which worked well in Immersive Screen mode.

    Other games like starcraft, diablo 2 and Total Annihilation are likely best played in “Immersive Screen” or “Cinema” mode.

    As noted I’ve only just started with Vorpx but I believe you can set up your own profiles for new games and there’s a cloud profiles section. I checked the games you listed and found these (please note I haven’t tested them at all, just saw that there was a profile of some sort there already):
    Prototype 1 & 2
    Risk of Rain 2
    Deep Rock Galactic
    Middle Earth Shadow of War
    State of Decay
    Starcraft 2


    Thank you very much!


    I just bought and downloaded vorpx! My quest two arrives in two days :-) . What I’m also hoping is that it will work with my game pass library from Xbox on my PC . That would greatly expand what I have access to in 3D.

    Also my copy of DeepRock Galactic is through the Microsoft store. I get the impression that vorpx works well with steam games, even if that’s all I can use that will still be pretty good.


    Just fyi, Shadow of War is not a supported game and the cloud profile is 2D.


    Thank you

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