going to upgrade from gtx 1080 to rtx 3080 !

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    and VorpX is going to shine so much more for me :D

    who else is going to buy ampere ?

    to be totally transparent i’d prefer buy a rtx 3080 ti but sadly nvidia decided to not release it now :/

    and i’m not very happy with only 10gb vram…

    maybe i will buy 3090 not sure yet.

    with gtx 1080 i feel very limited when using vorpx, been the case since i bought htc vive and started using vorpx back in 2016, going to be a big change.


    Is it already known how big the performance plus will be, 2080 -> 3080, or 2070S -> 3070? I’m interested in the 3080, but i don’t know if it’s worth it – i have an RTX 2070 Super currently.


    No actual reviews yet, but nvidia is claiming the 3080 will be double the performance of a 2080, and the 3070 will be better than a 2080 ti. We’ll find out in a couple weeks how close any of that is to reality.

    I’d wait until aftermarket/custom pcb cards start coming out.


    If my poor 1070 can play all desktop games, be fine in general vr games even supersample some, vorpx really brings it to the limit.

    3080/3070 seems like a no brainer, its a must to be able to have unrestricted fun with vorpx.


    i cant wait for benchmarks :droooooool:

    and i heard that a rtx 3070 ti got spotted, maybe we’ll have rtx 3080 ti release in a few months, hopefully just in time for cyberpunk 2077 ^^


    My 1080ti has been more than able to handle everything thrown at it so far.
    But if I need to drop a grand for a 3080 to play Cyberpunk 2077, I just might.


    I have the 2070 Super currently and for 2D it’s more than enough currently but VorpX really brings it down to its knees especially at higher resolutions, so I have really been thinking of selling it and getting the 3080 which looks like a really great GPU for VorpX. Playing Crysis in VorpX at high resolutions with a great framerate then just might be possible. I wonder what Ralf thinks about Nvidias latest cards and if they are worth it and what choice he would make if he wanted to buy one for VorpX?


    I’d say both the 3070/3080 look like a good choice depending on your budget.

    If you want to do more than gaming, the 3090 might be worth a look too. For GPU accelerated renderers in programs like 3dsmax/maya/blender etc. its 24GB of GPU RAM are probably worth the extra cost. For gaming alone however twice the money for ~20% better performance somehow doesn’t feel right to me.


    6gb vram on 3070 and 10 gb vram on 3080 is a no go for me, specially with the upcoming nextgen games.

    i’m going to wait for at least 16-20gb cards, like the probably upcoming (in a few months) rtx 3080 ti.

    that being said, if it doesnt release before cyberpunk 2077 i’ll just go rtx 3090.


    one more reason to upgrade to RTX

    NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.1 Supersampling Now Supports VR, Could Significantly Boost Fidelity

    now i’m drooling all over the place !


    so anyone got an ampere card ?
    curious to know vorpx performance increase with this card from pascal cards to ampere cards.


    what a nightmare.


    looks like i wont be able to play cyberpunk 2077 in all its glory and hopefuly with vorpx because stuck with my old but beloved gtx 1080.


    If you order now, things will likely get difficult unless you are willing to pay the current E-Bay prices. Got a 3080 order through at a fairly huge online store over here about 20 minutes after the launch and will still have to wait until late October/early November, at least that’s what they hope for.

    However, as you mentioned earlier in the thread, it’s probably not a bad idea to wait for the rumored 16/20GB 3080 anyway. Who knows what insane amounts of GPU memory some AAA games might gobble up in two years from now.


    glad you were able to order one Ralf :) and i hope you can get it in october !

    actually that rumor about a rtx 3080 with more vram coming is the only thing making me feels a bit better about this.

    i’m also now waiting to see what big navi will bring to the table, i dont like amd gpus much because of crappy drivers (and bad past own experience) but if big navi can compete with rtx 3080 and if it can be found in stock unlike ampere cards, then maybe i’ll just switch for amd.

    it’s sure i wont buy one from ebay, because ebay = no warranty and much higher prices, & i hate scalpers.


    Just a heads-up that nVidia drivers have better support for custom resolutions. On AMD they are restricted to max. the monitor res, above that only a few pre-configured resolutions are available. Don’t know why they don’t allow higher custom resolutions, technically that should be no problem one would think.

    No big deal with a 1440p or 4K monitor, but with a 1080p monitor that’s a slightly annoying limitation in regard to getting the most out of vorpX with an AMD GPU.

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