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    I’m getting ready to play Cyberpunk in VR. I have a new 4090 and will play with max settings, standing and using head tracking instead of seated with keyboard and mouse, and running on a Kat Walk C2+ omnidirectional treadmill (which actually makes the movement controls much more comfortable when having to use the joystick to rotate). Quest 2 display, so peripheral vision is a bit blurry. And Quest 2 controllers have limited buttons and some commands need to be accessed by holding a shift-like button to access secondary key commands, so builds that are heavy on hotkeys would be challenging.

    For those who have already done VR, can you recommend some builds that work well in VR, given my playstyle and controller limitations? For example, I assume that a netrunner build would not be ideal because I’m using controllers and can’t so easily work through quickhack menus, have blurry peripherals to constantly read through menus that pop up on the sides, etc. Although I also don’t want to do a netrunner again because, at least at launch, it was so stupidly overpowered that I was wiping out enemy bases without them ever seeing me. I played the game for a dozen or so hours when it first came out and then put it down, so I’m not sure what kind of controls are required for different builds later in the game with full cyberware, mantis blades, etc.

    Sniper could be fun and good and easy with the controller limitations, although I had to abandon that build at launch as well because it was insanely broken, with a cheap early game sniper rifle having x-ray vision able to shoot enemies through multiple buildings without them being able to retaliate at all. I don’t know if that kind of jank still exists, but I want to avoid builds that are so broken that they are not challenging or fun.

    I would think that a standard solo gunner build would probably work fairly well, although I find that playstyle to be a bit dull. Melee could be fun and more challenging than some of the others. But does melee get more complex controls later on, where I’d need to press directional keys in combination with other keyboard keys, in a manner that would be difficult to do with controllers? Do katana/claw builds work well in VR?

    Appreciate any insights you can offer into builds that work well in VR with controllers as gamepads, and are fun and not excessively OP too early. Thank you.

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