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    So Dying Light isn’t on the supported games list, but I do know that at some point the game had built-in oculus support at one point that you could enable via the video.scr file situated in the game’s folder in your documents directory. This support was later dropped during the switch to newer runtimes and patches as far as I can tell.

    I know this game in particular is sort of one of those “holy grail” games that a lot of people would love to support in VR, given the 1st person open world and parkour nature of it. So I’ve been trying to get it in a playable enough state with vorpx.

    One of my biggest problems was getting the FOV manipulated. Apparently, you used to be able to change it by editing that same video.scr file, but no matter what I did, the game just wouldn’t adhere to any changes I’d make to that file (despite tons of evidence online that this was how it was done). The game would just load up normally, ignoring said changes, and upon quitting out and checking that file, it would be reset to all the default values (yes, I even tried changing the file attributes to read-only, and still no go).

    However, I stumbled into a new way to alter the FOV which works surprisingly well in game (not a lot of problems with the character’s hands being off screen or anything like in some games).

    The value you need to change is in the data0.pak file in the game’s directory (I’m using steam). Use a program like 7zip to access the .pak file, and inside is a file called “default_levels.xml”
    In there is an FOV value which can be changed!
    As a warning however, by modifying this file the game will warn you that you have modded the game and thus will not be allowed to play with others online unless they also have the same modifications.

    So where I’m at now with Dying Light is that I’ve got everything set up and ready for some actual vorpx settings/profiles, but the problem I currently have is that it doesn’t seem like there is any 3D effect whatsoever. Vorpx allows the standard z-modes (adaptive and regular) but it doesn’t appear that they have any actual effect on the visuals. It’s basically still 2D, blown up into your headset, with a working aspect ratio.

    If anyone else can figure out the last hurdle here it’d be much appreciated!

    p.s. If anyone on here remembers what Dying Light was like back when it offered the internally supported oculus mode, could you describe what it was like? Did it actually have a pretty functional VR/3D aspect to it? If so, it’s a shame that such support had been lost with the updates/patches.


    I’ve found several references on these forums of people managing to get geo3D working by renaming the .exe file to DXHRDC.exe but it seems like even though the in-game vorpx menu allows geo 3D to be selected, it doesn’t seem to do anything.

    Does anyone have information on why this trick no longer works? (Or if it still does and it’s just a problem on my end.

    Also, I’ve tried several other popular exe names (udk, arma2 etc) to no avail. I believe the game runs on the chrome engine, used in the dead island games (I also tried renaming to the dead island games’ exe’s) and some of the call of juarez games. But DXHRDC.exe seems to be the only one that allows for geo3D even though it isn’t actually functional.

    If anyone’s got any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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