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    you never know about warden. there are rumors that warden does prevent remote process injection. this is a lie. warden can only detect malicious software. if your software injects, it’s more suspicious.
    this means: vorpx should be blizzard’s +1 for more customers. getting on the vr-hype right now. but you never know if those idiots will ban your account.

    WoW Does use another DirectX feature for rendering
    yep, but it has got another feature :rolleyes:

    Using WoW with VorpX
    sorry for the inconvience, but i didn’t receive an authoring key from vorpx yet.
    so you will have to do more work:

    1.) rename your wow.exe to wow1.exe (vorpx will raise an error if not doing so)
    2.) get the doom profile for vorpx. it uses opengl instead of directx.
    3.) make a copy of that profile under “Local-Profiles” -> “Create a new Profile based on this one.”
    4.) in the vorpx profile, click “add” and select the wow1.exe file
    5.) edit and set the following value: SET gxApi “opengl”

    now you should be able to create a shortcut to wow1.exe using vorpx.
    as mentioned before, it is advised to use this only on free servers.
    when using newer wow versions, make sure to check “use 32 bit executable” in the client.
    you will have to change the vorpx 3d-settings manually using the overlay menu.


    to remove gras (vorpx doesn’t seem to display it correctly, maybe because it’s 2d applied to a 3d world), hit “enter” while ingame to open chat and type:
    /console showDetailDoodads 0


    Confirmed this one works pretty well actually. Make sure you use thee original Doom and not Doom 3. OpenGl is mentioned in the description of the one I used. Then my only gripe is that the controls are not really setup for first person view. So some tweaking is required. In any case, its more than enough to get you pointed in the right direction and the game plays smoothly for me on my ATI rig.


    you guys play at this game with vorpx in 3D geometry ? and at what fov if so ?

    months ago i was playing vorpx in VR using vorpx, full 3D geometry using the elder scroll online profile, worked great, but fov sucked, i had to put image zoom to 0.6 to have a playable fov…. once i tweaked ui it was very usable, but performance sucked even on my i7 5820k @ 4.5ghz and overclocked msi gtx 1080 gaming edition (2ghz)….


    My 2 cents – arrived here at 4 posts; based on this, installed vorpx and tried to set up my beloved warcraft.
    My understanding is, that only default vorpx mode (whatever that is..) ‘works’. The two zbuffer modes just display flashing horizontal lines..
    Geometry mode, renders a tiny squished 3d rectangle (ie doesnt work).
    So what you get from default mode, is ‘faraway globe mode’ (think star night sky). Head tracking with mousebutton works, though.

    Thus: zero depth experience afaik?

    I have previous experience using wow’s builtin stereo3d (not vr headtrack), which i can highly recommend.
    On a related note, the trion-rift mmo used to support oculus, but alas they apparently dropped that support somewhere within the last 6 months :-/


    Some more details:
    The opengl it seems to rely on, makes warcraft look horrible.

    The mentioned doom profile, is one of those publicly shared, which you can download directly in the vorpx menu (cloud profiles).
    I assume its the one by sorryaboutyourcats (which has many more downloads than the rest).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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