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    Sergio Poletti

    Using vorpX I was able to run a VR vision of Grand Prix 4 probably the best F1 simulation game.
    The Grand Prix 4 community has build a lot of mods with more than hundred new tracks and cars, some software developers built some software extensions to allow better game behaviours and personalization, the most important Grand Prix 4 extension is GPxPatch that allow to runs many insteresting new tracks created by the community and other important features. (
    GPxPatch is a real-time extension system for Grand Prix 4 and patches GP4.exe (Grand Prix 4 executable) at run-time to change several aspects within the game and to add functionality of its own, in order to make this task GPxPatch launch GP4.exe by itself.
    At the moment I was not able to play Grand Prix 4 with GPxPatch support, but only using GP4.exe missing important GPxPatch features like new tracks support.
    Can someone suggest me a way to allow vorpX to support GpxPatch realtime extension ?


    I am unfamiliar with this game but it sounds cool. Would like to get into some F1 with the rift. I would try looking into any config file for the GP patch and see if there is a way to delay the hook. Im not sure but chances are they mite be trying to hook into the game at the same time using the same file. Maybe there is a way to set up a proxy for the patch if this is the problem. Or it could be that vorpx isn’t recognizing the profile because its seeing the patch start up not the fact the patch is activating the game. You could try setting up a profile for the patch exe using the same set up as the game.

    Sergio Poletti


    thanks for your suggestions, I’ll try in ten days to apply them because now I’m not at home where there is my PC with vorpX installed.

    If you prefer, you can download Grand Prix 4 at this address and try by yourself to apply your suggestions, (download Grand Prix 4 (v1.02)).

    Please contact me in order to correctly start Grand Prix 4 with GPxPatch

    Sergio Poletti

    Solved starting vorpX as Administrator

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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