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    Hello all!
    New to the forum and to all the VR stuff, so be kind!

    I am trying to get Grand Prix Legends to work in VR. Purchased vorpx, installed it without problems. Yes i know, the game is 20years old an far away from dx9, but i hope there is somebody allready got ot working and has a working profil to share.
    Thats my progress: I’ve managed to start vorpx and GPL, i can see the menu ingame and start a race. BUT it’s like i am sitting in front of a giant screen and not IN the car. When i move my head the screen moves with it, i think it’s not supposed to do so.
    Any help is very welcome, Nascar Racing 2003 season is the next game what i will try to run in VR.
    Thanks in advance!


    Hmmm…. tried running the game with Open GL?


    Have you tried running it with dgvoodoo2? From a cursory search about the game all I could find out about it’s graphics was that it was 3dfx compatable; nothing about directx or opengl.


    The fact that you are looking at a giant screen is pretty normal behavior if you are in Immersive Screen or Cinema Mode. The fact that it moves with your head makes me think that you are in Full VR though. Anyhow, unless some form of freeloock or headtracking is supported in the game, there isn’t much that VorpX can do.
    As mentioned in the post above, dgvoodoo gives usually better results with older games, but in your case it seems it is already hooking, so I don’t know how much improvement you will see.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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