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    @Ralph,, pls can u hint what graphic effects to use with CV1.

    Watercooled I7 6900k, GTX1080TI watercooled, 6 ssd 500gb

    Skyrim is perfect !
    I do have skyrim at a 1920X1440 res. installed. No effects only vsync enabled.
    The image is very clear , no coronas flickering or other distorting things just a pain clear image.

    I do have GTA5 installed but the image is not comparable to skyrim its so bad.
    The resolution is 1920X1440. The image has coronas, flickering no clear image fences look like flickering endless.

    same in Witcher 3 (checked all resolution even 4k )slightly more clear as GTA5 but it looks like too crispy with little corona on everything

    Fallout4 has a decent image almost comparable to Skyrim.

    Which effects to avoid and which to use , i tried all day long and iam fed up now .
    The image on screen is ok but in cv1 its all screwed pls give some hints



    If you can afford it performance wise, some form of antialiasing helps tremendously. Good old multisampling AA (MSAA) is usually preferable in VR since modern shader based AA algorithms like FXAA for example tend to blur the image. Slightly blurry is still better than aliased though, of course.

    For games that aren’t too demanding it’s also worth to check if supersampling works (“Dynamic Super Resolution” in the nVidia driver), which would allow you to go above 1920×1440. That’s not really an option for highly demanding games though.


    I have a somewhat similar question but Vive related. About reprojections. Which option is the best to use with VorpX? The consensus seems to be that for seated games Always on is the best option. But as I understand it VorpX has something similar built-in. So out of the 3 options in SteamVR – Asynchronous, Interleaved, Always on or neither of them?


    hi ur talking about that depht shaders? Here the author has intriduced that feature along with those super depth shaders. That work on CV1 but no need to have voprx alongside. However these reshade effects worg SBS or topp, bottom down. But that actually not to compare with G3D, its just a flat z buffer like image or the compatibility, convergence mode from Nvidia…


    @ prinyo

    My advice would be to leave that setting at the default in the Steam VR options, which I think is allowing both. I’m not sure whether vorpX’s “Fluid Sync” works as intended if you try to override anything.

    @ nieda

    What prinyo meant is Valve’s equivalent to Oculus’ Asynchronous Time Warp in SteamVR, which they call Interleaved Reprojection.

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