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    Some titles just work better in vorpX than others, and Greedfall has certainly been one of them for me. It’s a story-rich RPG that will probably appeal to persons who like Dragon Age etc. It has two things going for it that make it work well in vorpX (virtual cinema mode). First, it performs pretty darn well, and second, it’s engine is good enough that it also looks good. I’m managing a solid 60fps/60hz on my Pimax 8K-X at full 4K game resolution with only the need to turn shadows down. Every other quality setting is maxed. Turn the resolution down even a little and full-quality shadows are also fine. The TAA in this title is not the muddy-blurry mess it is in most games for some reason, so using the vorpX sharpening will get very crisp results.

    A few quick tips:
    1) Download the vorpX Cloud profile by domjacksonuk (thank you!). Make sure you are in Z3D Normal mode and that the depth is set to 1. Now set the near/far balance all the way to FAR: 100%. Now set the Focal Distance nearly as low as it will go; around 3 or so. At least for me this provides far and away the best results – surprisingly good 3D with few artifacts and excellent in cut scenes as well.
    2) Set the in-game FOV slider to the maximum. That seems perfect to me, so no need to tweak it with mods or ini files, IMHO.
    3) That’s about it, it’s a fairly good title without modding, although I do strongly recommend this particular Mod as it is a game-changer, allowing you to travel with additional party members: Follow the install instruction found in this post (just install it manually):

    Make sure your controller is on when you start the game or it won’t detect it. It also has some bugged controller issues that have never been fixed, but it’s far from a game-breaker.

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