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    First, if you are a fan of Dragon Age or RPGs in general, I very highly recommend Greedfall; It’s a very enjoyable game.

    It’s also got an engine that looks great and performs well; and it works extremely well with vorpX. I’m currently pushing 4K to my Pimax at 1.5 “Pimax Quality Slider” at a stable 72hz/72fps (no motion smoothing) and with Greedfall’s quality setting very close to max (one tic below max on SSAO and Shadow quality sliders only). It’s a 3rd person RPG so I’m running it in virtual cinema mode.

    It looks great, and when it does drop a few frames it still runs just fine; it doesn’t flatline and go all wacky and flickery like some titles do; it just drops to 70fps (or whatever) for a few seconds and keeps right on being smooth and working perfectly.

    Tip: Push the Near/Far distance slider in the vorpX settings way down to around 10 and then push the total amount of depth up to whatever you prefer (I’m all the way up at maximum allowed in my case). This helps get rid of that weird ground ‘hump’ that plagues 3rd person games when the Near/Far distance is set too far out (even in the middle) and greatly reduces the artifacts around ‘you’ in the game.


    Since Greedfall is 3rd person: is it still good to play after you tried longer?

    Are menus, controls, headtracking okay? I only want to play full 3D, not Cinema mode.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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