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    I just started Grounded with some friends.
    It seems that i can not select G3D. Only Z3d and Adaptibe Z3D is disponible.

    First i tought that this is because the game launch in DX12 by default, but i CAN’T find an option to launch it in DX11.
    Tried the launch command “-d3d11” and “dxlevel 110” in the steam launch option command in the game properties but without success.

    I’ve seen a post for an official update stating a new Vorpx Grounded profile provided with G3D, but i can’t acess it…

    Help please?



    I don’t think newer versions of the game have a D3D11 path anymore.


    Darn, I had my eye on this one.


    Oh realy ?
    So sad…
    Is it possible to set the 3D strenght above 3.0 for this game? Even at 3.0, the effect seems so weak… (I’m playing it in cinrma mode in case…)

    Also, i hope one day, Vorpx will feature G3D for DX12 ?
    More and more games will switch to the DX12 path only, it seems needed to have G3D for these.
    Is it possible, or is there big issues and challenges to make it happen ?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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