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    As I noob here, I finally able to get ACE 7 going like the one shown on youtubes. (Just played the 2nd mission. this is about 70% of PSVR version in terms of VR)
    There maybe better way, but it took me 2 days to get it going. I am using Quest Link to PC.

    1)Play the game on 2D monitor and get thru 1st mission so you get the free 1st mission, which you can use to test your setting while setting things up.
    2)I had to keep the keyboard, gamepad, and touch controller handy nearby to navigate when one controller cant control certain aspect of the menu.

    3)Setup FOV using Hex: (Vorpx does not have this function for this game)

    PSA! How to change FOV in Ace Combat 7.
    by u/ChoPT in acecombat

    Note: If you set it the first time and close the program, your hex will change but you can search again using “D8F57F” then highlight the hex before it, the value will show up again and you can change it. Just read thru it, the poster done a great job there. My is set to 0.013 and save it.

    4)Set up your Vorpx Menu

    Simple setup (My slight variation to poster)
    1. Download cloud game profile “ACE COMBAT (REDDIT)” VorpX
    2. Apply game profile and run VorpX
    3. Run Ace combat.
    5. Set ingame setting, “Mouse aircraft/camera control” to “On” under “Option>>>Mouse”.
    6. Open in-game VorpX menu: “DEL” key.
    7. Adjust Head tracking to around “.30”
    8. Adjust Image zoom to around “.75”
    9. Set Control to “Gamepad” not “KB”(Default)
    10. Save and Close
    a. You will need to familiarize (trial and error) how to navigate using gamepad, touch controller, keyboard to get thru the steps.
    b. I did not have to PERMANENTLY KEEP “LAlt” pressed, the head tracking works using gamepad. If you are using touch controller you may need to. I have other problem with touch controller (I can’t pitch up and down), so I use gamepad.
    Note: I found both gamepad and touch controller can’t navigate thru all the menus whether it is vorpx menu or in game menu so you may need the keyboard from time to time.

    You should able to game with gamepad, but I need to use touch controller to EDGE PEEK.

    You maybe need to restart few times as navigation can be a bitaach, just close the vorpx and the game, yah take off your headset included and restart etc.

    Good Luck!

    I hope Computer Savy guys here should write Simple Guide for Noobs here more often.


    Went through all the settings, and it worked at one point. Tested it out and it was fabulous, and made dinner, but right before it did sticky keys activated and changed a bunch of settings in the ‘Del’ menu. I wasn’t sure what was changed but I figured if I simply just delete and redownload the profile it should fix whatever was changed so I did just that.

    I then went to actually play, and for whatever reason it is not working anymore. It’s not the in-game settings as physically moving the mouse works.

    Anyone have this issue? I hate being so close to getting it to work and then being blue-balled.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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