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    Half Life 1 (G3D)

    The profile below covers:

    Half Life (GOTY)
    Half Life Opposing Force
    Half Life Blueshift
    Half Life Counterstrike

    taken from the retail Pack Half Life: Generations

    – Vorpx hooks into main games only, not in menus !
    – Use XP Compatibility Mode
    – Choose openGL renderer “Default”
    – Playing in cinema modes recommended
    – Profile available at the cloud


    WARNING !!!

    Unfortunately i must speak a warning ( I will not try to reproduce this, because the following erased half of my HD.)

    Best if you install these games in a CLEAN folder on a seperate drive eg. D:\dontcare

    DE-Install any of the games above manually (dont use the de-installer), especially the “Sierra Tools” that come with the games !

    Either one of the games itself or the Sierra Tool-Deinstaller erased ANY CONTENT of the folder where the games (and lots of other stuff) was installed. All files unrecoverable !


    I really wanted to try this, but when I started it the right eye gives an entirely black screen. I tried opening the shader editor to see what I could do, but it says it does not support OpenGL.

    I tried to run it in Windows XP compatibility mode, but SteamVR told me I need to update to at least Windows 8.1 since otherwise SteamVR is not supported.

    Would love to play this in VR, and I’m willing to play around with vorpX behind the scenes to get it to work (Game technology student), but I don’t know where to start with this problem.


    have you used the rjkole half life 1 profile from the cloud and exactly which version of vorpx are you using ?

    If steamVR doesnt allow XP mode anymore, this can mean a serious limitation for many older games.
    Please start steamVR first before you run the game, this can be established by starting vrdashboard.exe manually.


    @ Petoodle

    If you run a game with XP-compatibility, you have to run vorpX as admin. You can set an according option in the config app, ‘General’ page. XP-compatibility among other things means a game gets admin rights. vorpX (correctly) can’t hook games running with admin rights unless it also runs as admin.


    Tried using RJkole’s cloud profile, even running vorpx as admin, and also HL in compatibility mode, the right eye is black, while the left seems work fine. Anyone else get this working?


    The profile has been created for the retail version of the game. I doubt any other version steam, GOG etc. would be much different and should work also. VorpX openGl mechanism underwent some changes in the meantime, that may be the reason for the game not working anymore. HL 1 is not officialy supported, but i would drop a mail to Ralf, perhaps theres something wrong with the new openGL rendering in general.


    I have quickly counterchecked the steam version of the game and i can confirm HL1 stays black on the right eye.

    You can use the Descent2 base profile for 3D but the rendering looks quite wobbly.

    Nothing is can do from this side.


    HL1 and its add ons using windowed mode will do the trick for 3D. (steam version using VorpX

    VRified Games

    Hmmm I wonder if cry of fear might work with this profile?


    up…can we use this profile to play cry of fear?

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