Half-Life 2 is still AMAZING today with the magic of vorpX!!!

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    Ralf, thank you so much for the wonderful work that you’re doing!!!

    I’m replaying Half-Life 2 from the start (once more… I lost count of how many times I’ve played this game during the years), and vorpX with Direct VR provides for an almost PERFECT experience with my Oculus Rift. I still have occasional glitches with the weapon FOV, but nothing too distracting.

    I also wanted to warn other people about the mistake I was making yesterday, when I began my playthrough: I had chosen a resolution of 1280×1024 (with 2.0 internal supersampling through vorpX’s options), and I was having frequent FOV glitches of the whole image. I had read vorpX’s warning about choosing 4:3 resolutions, and I was thinking “yeah, already did that, it says 4:3 right here in Half-Life 2 video options”. Then it occurred to me that 1280×1024 is actually 5:4! Going down to 1280×960 made basically no difference in terms of perceived sharpness, but my camera FOV glitches are completely gone!! It makes A LOT of difference for me in terms of immersion: now the world is almost as stable as if I were playing a native VR game. Again, sporadic glitches remain with the weapon FOV, but they are an order of magnitude less important.



    Add: I saw that disabling “Positional VR” gets rid of my weapon glitches, and it appears to make no difference otherwise. I thought that it also would disable position tracking, but apparently it doesn’t. So basically everything now just works!!!


    that’s great news, half life 2 is amazing ! enjoy man :)


    Yes, I have to agree that HL2 + EP1 + EP2 are incredible in VR. In G3D, they look like they were made for VR. In a way, I think they may have been, since they do have stereoscopic capability in the settings. Tech just wasn’t there yet.

    Also, check out The Portal game series. Just as incredible!!!

    One thing to note for anyone with powerful systems and extra GPU power available is that if you run vorpx with the default settings as it chooses for your system, it will still run your G3D game with fluid sync enabled as default…(at least this is the case with my system). This means that G3D will run at 45fps with fluid sync=on no matter if your GPU can handled faster or not…to keep the frame rate at a stable fps. I ended up disabling fluid sync for all my older games as my system is able to provide constant 90fps everywhere (even at 2880×2160) with G3D enabled and fluid sync=off. If you can do a consistent 90fps even at a lower res, the smoothness is incredible (for those who can detect the difference)…and is well worth the try.



    Phoenix, you rock! I was not happy with HL2 + VorpX and was just about to give up tweaking and I came across both tips above. Game is beautiful and plays smooth as butter, at least on my 1080 GTX SLI x299 mobo setup. Thank you and VorpX


    I am not the most advanced pc user myself but i was able to setup vorpX again fairly easily. The first game i tried with vorpX was Half-life 2 / Orange Box episodes & Portal etc…Fantastic!! Simply brilliant Direct vr support. The sharpening tool among other tools etc with 4x msaa, 4.3 ratio, 1600×1200 res, oculus touch was bang on for me… vorpX in game tools work really well. This is true full VR without a doubt and i am thoroughly impressed. I tried vorpx a few years back and did’t care for it…far to difficult to setup for someone like myself and Firewatch recently did not test well but Direct Vr is amazing overall so far. 2018 Vorpx update is a major game changer. I am Just in my first week of testing vorpx after a long time so i will need to explore many more Direct vr adventures. Great job sticking with it Ralf my small investment is paying off it appears! Cheers & Thank you!

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