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    The first time I started half-life 2 update, I had a hell of a time and the screen in my vive would stay black with a green outline around the upper left eye. I would still be able to hear the menu sounds and change vorpx settings, but there was no image present. I tried downloading a new cloud profile, and the game worked x2 until I messed around with some resolution settings. I am now back to square one. Black screen regardless of the profile, reset profile, factory reset vorpx, reinstalled hl2, nothing. Same problem with the black screen. I do not know what else to try. I did notice, after setting the game back to wide screen 2k without vorpx, when I do open the game it tries to set a 4:3 ratio. Any suggestions on how I can tweak this issue?


    Try to run the game windowed if you are running it fullscreen currently or vice versa. A 4:3 resolutions is mandatory for Half-Life 2, otherwise you will encounter image flickering.

    Make sure not to set a resolution that your monitor cannot display, doing so may cause a black screen.

    Check the “Custom Resolutions” section in the vorpX help to add resolutions to your PC that it cannot display normally. That’s a great way to play less demanding games like HL2 in high resolutions like 1920×1440 or above.


    I’m in the same boat, none of these fixes have worked sadly. Had no issues using HL2 until one of the last updates. When HL2 starts, VorpX is working. There is sound and tracking through the headset, and the vorpx overlay is there. But there is no video in the headset.

    Game is windowed running at a 4:3 res
    Monitor can handle it
    Have re-installed VorpX, same thing
    Have tried local and all cloud profiles for HL2, same thing


    I purchased the program recently, and also can not run this game. an image appears for a couple of seconds and then the game crashes


    Hello everyone, I bought VORPX and first of all I tried to launch HL2 – the game plays on the screen in the window, and the cursor tracks the head tracking, but the white room with the HL2 banner and the loading message is hanging in OKULUS …

    I was upset and thought it wasn’t working – launched mass effect 3 – everything works fine – a lot of settings, etc. from the first click.

    This is cool but all my life I wanted to play HL2 through oculus rift, help to figure out what could be the problem, may need to download an older version of hl2 without steam, because I have a steam and it does’t work, or will you release a fix? please VORPX team, help run HL2.

    Thank you.


    I reinstall from windows 7 to windows 10 and vorpx is working perfectly, now I can see hl2 in my Oculus headset, its amazing – thank you Ralf!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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