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    Kris Lucky7

    These games are perfect for VR and because of the scifi I think it would be very enjoyable.

    Imagine the HUD right in your face or even an Elite or Grunt

    Anyways I just hope this could happen and get vorpX support I’m a huge VR fan and Halo fan and I love how vorpX can let you play almost anything!!!


    Hi Kris,

    Halo 1 is DirectX8, so unfortunately it won’t work for the first release version (might change in the future), but I will look into Halo 2, which uses DX9, I believe. No promises though. ;)


    Thank God that you are still with us! :)

    Kris Lucky7

    That’s great Ralf and Halo PC runs DX9 (I hope that’s what my pc tells me) as well as Halo 2 PC just to help you out a bit. :)

    But as you said no promises, I respect that. You have the overall project to focus on and perfect.

    You have my hopes up a lot!

    Thank you


    Halo 2 would be amazing in the Rift… I wish they would release Halo Reach for the PC, but any Halo would be great, especially in 3D!


    I played Halo 2 last night with a Halo 1 profile i found in the VorpX cloud. Worked fine and fluent with geometry3D. Though i must state the monsters look quite pixely compared to 3D Vision, but thats normal in VR i guess.

    BTW: If vorpX would allow DX wrappers like DGVoodoo taking place in the game folder, DX8 and lower games like Halo 1 could be played.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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