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    Here is my WIP G3D profile for the Master Chief Collection (singleplayer), so far including Combat Evolved and Reach. I’m running the Steam version.

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection (G3D)

    I’ve managed to get G3D working for both CE and Reach into a single profile, even though they are treated like two separate games. CE is looking the best, with good scale and proportions, while Reach suffers a little with large weapon models and extended arms. Both play well though, and have adjustable HUD layers assigned.

    I’ve disabled problematic shadows and Global Illumination by default, as I prefer this more natural and gritty look, but you can toggle Illumination back on if you wish using the vorpX menu G3D Shadow Treatment set to Auto.

    To hook vorpX, you must run the game in “Anti Cheat Disabled” mode. For Steam you can choose this option each time you start the game. This also means you won’t be able to take VR with you into online competitive play unfortunately.

    I’ve also included the exe name for the Windows Store version which may work similarly, though I have not personally tested.

    For best results with the dellrifter22 profile:

    – use a 16:9 resolution (2560×1440)
    – set FOV to max 120 for both Player and Vehicles in video settings
    – set graphical quality to Original (not Enhanced)

    *Adjustable HUD (affects scopes)
    *Global Illumination toggle via vorpx menu G3D Shadow Treatment
    *Tested on HP Reverb, other headsets may require slight zoom adjustment

    For some reason, loading a new mission after playing CE will hang my PC. To avoid this, use Alt+F4 to close out the game, then restart the game to select a new mission.

    Also note that the CE introduction hanger has a short calibration sequence asking you to look at some lights, which I had disabled due to looking incorrect in 3D. For this sequence, simply switch to Z3D mode to reveal the lights and complete the calibration test.

    Ok, that’s all for now. I’ll post updates to the profile as they become available. Or until we see an official one from Ralf. Enjoy.


    Thanks for Sharing, i added the game to the inofficial list.
    (as you may have noticed i put the engine checker behind a password login, if you wish to have access, please drop me an email)


    Thanks for your work on a working profile. I just loaded up CE and VorpX hooked and it seemed somewhat ok. I used to have just a black screen, now it seems alright. How do I check to see what profile I’m using for this game? Thanks


    which ever profile has the exe file assigned to it in your vorpX Config app. Open the Local Profiles page, search Halo and click the profile to see the box window to the right if any executables are assigned.

    Don’t forget to use edgepeek for better menus and cinematic cutscenes.

    @RJK thanks man, I definitely want your engine checker. I’ll send a mail later today.


    Thanks for the profile, I am having an issue when using the gamepad for controls (as I struggle with mouse and keyboard with the HMD on).

    What is happening is anytime I move my head it freezes you on the spot. So I am unable to run and look with moving my head at the same time, the only way get to move again is by moving the right thumbstick left or right.

    But, what I am finding is when in hectic combat areas and you need to move and look at the same time, this just freezes you on the spot and becomes and issue – as I am so used to moving my head in VR.

    Is there a setting I need change to stop this from happening?


    I exclusively play with mouse and keyboard, but I will try a controller tonight to see how it goes.

    You can mess with the controller overide settings in the vorpx menu yourself though, on vs off etc. That’s all I’m really going to try.


    Thanks, seems looks like a conflict with Halo MCC, tried changing everything. Time to get practice and used to using Mouse and Keyboard in VR. Sure it wont be too hard after a little run though, and Halo is great reason to start.

    Thanks again for this awesome profile, works great



    If you want to see the profile running, I live streamed some earlier today :) dellrifter22 has done as awesome job with the profile


    Would like to add my thanks for the profile, works great.

    I’m having the same issues with the pad and freezing which I will try and solve with xpadder but I’m also getting freezes with the headtracking which doesn’t happen when using mouse look,any ideas how to fix that?


    Got it working perfectly by using xpadder and then overriding the Xbox pad in vorpx menu. Changed 2 conflicting keys in the pad config and now it is perfect but for a very slight bit of warping in the world.

    Thanks again,this is epic.


    Minor update to the profile today (for CE) to address 3D particle effects that were about 30% too strong in relation to the surrounding world. Should look more natural now.

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