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    I just successfully played a shift of Hardspace: Shipbreakers in Full VR (Z-Adaptive) using an imported Firewatch profile. It is not perfect, and I’ll talk about that below, but it is 100% playable. Even with its flaws, the experience is incredible and only drives home for me what a perfect fit this game is for VR.

    Nota bene:

    * The game enforces a cursor lag mechanic to simulate sluggish movement in microgravity. This unfortunately causes a delay (albeit a smoothly-animated one) in your POV moving around. I seem to be largely immune to motion sickness in VR, but I suspect this effect will require strong VR legs to endure until/unless we get an option to disable it, or decouple aimpos from POV.

    * This can be mitigated somewhat by significantly turning down the head tracking sensitivity and using the mouse for most navigation, and turning your head slowly when looking around.

    * Certain HUD elements in the corners are hard to see, but I’m sure this is nothing new to vorpX users. Handle this however you usually prefer–image zoom, edge peek, etc.

    * Geometry mode works also, and has potential–but it also has major issues that render it largely unplayable with my current profile settings, and would probably need work not just fine-tuning those, but on the back end with dev/modding help to address stuff like e.g. the starfield being in the extreme foreground.

    I’ve uploaded my custom profile to the cloud for anyone else who wants to give it a try (username Amezuki). If you find any settings that work better, or anything else that can improve the experience, please add it!

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    I can attest to the camera drag. It’s the biggest thing stopping this being a must-have VorpX experience. Turning your head slowly is a good user fix, but in a game where you need to work quick through your shift, you do end up just using your mouse instead. I use a high sensitivity which makes the movement quicker but more dramatic. It’s around 120 or so.

    Pressing Z to anchor yourself to a wall is usually when I end up looking around with my head. In fairness, the orientation stays firm. If you turn your head back around after, you’ll be looking where you were before.

    I run it 1900×1600, and yeah it’s a bit blurry as you could expect, but nothing unmanageable. From that I have decent view of the HUD elements although the text, again, blurs a bit at the peripheries. Thankfully there are enough environmental and audio cues to clue you into the things you need to be aware of.

    But a really great experience.


    I know this is a really old thread, just wanted to let anyone interested know that the Firewatch profile still works with Hardspace – Shipbreaker. You can search for it in the cloud profiles in vorpX.

    Make sure you match the game resolution as closely as you can to your headseat. There is also a mod out there to adjust the FOV in-game.
    As for the camera drag issue, it can be made much better by adjusting the head view sensitivity in vorpX settings once in-game.

    If you combine all these elements, it makes for a really good VR experience, even better than the VR mod that someone made for this game specifically. It does say in the mod’s description that it doesn’t work really well and for some reason it skips rendering some parts of the HUD which are vital for gameplay.
    With vorpX you don’t have any of those issues, it works really well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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