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    My Setup:

    Reverb G2
    RTX 3080
    Ryzen 7 2700x
    16GB Ram
    Evo 970

    I want to buy a new CPU and new Ram. This PC is for Vorpx only and will not be used for other things.

    I want to play Singleplayer Open World Games like Far Cry 6 and Dying Light 2 in 4K and preferably in Ultra settings.

    Are a Ryzen 9 5900x and 32GB Ram too waste for vorpx only ?

    Or are a Ryzen 7 5800x and 16GB Ram a good setup with a RTX 3080 and a Reverb G2 ?


    we dont even know if we’ll be able to play fc6 or dying light with vorpx.
    plus if you think you can play those game in 4k on ultra settings with vorpx i dont think it’s possible, at least not in G3D.

    i have rtx 3090, ryzen 5900x and 32gb and for example re8 in Z3D already taxes my computer hard (on maximum settings at 1440p)


    If i my give a comment on this. Its a shame how bad some newer game engines perform. My personal recommendation, most games with the Unreal 3 engine have awsome graphics and you can play most of them even on an I3 Cpu with a GTX 970 with VorpX and medium settings.

    Hard to say if an upgrade will bring you that much. Some newer games just eat up too much on resources. I personally play older games in max resolutions and swap over to newer games when better hardware is available to give a proper performance. (I am a fan of image quality too and i couldnt stand playing a game on 1080p or so).

    Something you could do right away to boost perfomance though was using cinema screens, they perform better then Full VR.You can even lower resolutions while doing so without loosing visible quality.


    thanks guys !

    What i understand is that i have to lower my resolution and my graphic settings, even with High-End Hardware.

    Is the vorpx performance depending on the game just proportional for example 25% lower in Z3D or 50% lower in G3D of the flatgame performance ? Or is the relation between CPU and GPU a little bit different in vorpx ? I read that vorpx reserve 1-2 CPU Cores for itself, and in that case a 12 Core CPU makes sense ? In most Flatgames the bottleneck in 4k resolutions is the GPU, and i don’t know if it will be exactly the same in vorpx because vorpx needs performance for itself ? I read that in 4k and higher resolutions a 4 Core CPU does a good job, because the bottleneck is the GPU. But i even read that games like Cyberpunk 2077, Assassins Creed Odyssey and AC Origins needs a 8 Core CPU or better in 4K, because of the open world simulation of the NPCs and Vehicles ?



    In your RE8 in 1440p and ultra settings, do you have a GPU or CPU bottleneck in vorpx ?


    my rtx 3090 is using at 100% on re8, no cpu bottleneck.

    g3D is indeed very demanding, i’m not technician but i think yeah around 50% performance eating, Z3D is much less demanding.

    the problem actually is last gen consoles, multithreading is not very used in todays games because of ps4/xbox one and that means those games also coming on pc do not use all our cpu cores.

    this is going to change big time when devs abandon last gen consoles, i think we’ll see much better performance with vorpx when games will use multithreading and others features like directstorage and all others great stuff, atm we’re plagued with single core performance, which vorpx relies on.

    so my 2 cents on this, is that vorpx will need to be updated to follow the path of upcoming nextgen games, and we’ll get much better performance.

    atm having a high end computer with vorpx, it’s like driving a ferrari on a limited 30km/h road.

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