has anyone tried final fantasy xv?

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    Is the g3d effect good?
    ff 15 is very demanding for hardware, using vorpx?

    p.s. i want to try ff15 with the first person view ! :)


    i didnt yet, but i heard great things about ff15 in G3D with vorpx.

    and yeah you need strong hardware for smooth experience.


    Why souldnt the g3d effect not be good? Some dinos a really really huge and will blast you in paradise of g3d heaven (my opinion).
    i play it with gtx 960 and i7 4790 = low system and its ok.
    But im no fps boy.
    First person view is included in the pc version. Wait for ffxv sale and start playing, you will not regret it :)


    i’ve tried vorpx with FF15 DEMO (THE DEMO), and vorpx can’t hook the game.

    should I try the FULL game? (MAYBE vorpx can’t hook ONLY the demo)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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