Has VorpX a world size scaling option like SteamVR and Flight Simulator 2020?

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    Greetings 3D fans,

    I am thinking about buying VorpX for Doom2016 and Dishonored 2!
    I´m slooooooowly running out of VR games because there is not much in true AAA quality after Half-Life Alyx and Moss, only indie-stuff and 2 hour games, that´s why I want regular AAA games in VR.
    Just like Alien Isolation with that Mother-Mod, wow one of the BEST games for VR out there!

    But VR has one significant flaw, everything is way too small and not life-like sized, and that´s why all games need to have the SteamVR world slider set to 120% to have the world around me in authentic life-like size.
    Otherwise VR would look like a completely off and strange dwarfen world with ridiculous 140cm dwarfs as NPC´s standing around, chairs and tables look like made for elementary school children, and in general everything is only half the size it should be in VR when playing without the SteamVR world slider (which is the most legendary and important option ever implemented in any program!)

    The world scaling option in SteamVR solves this problem diving into some ridiculous dwarven world whenever putting on the headset, for good!

    Everything looks great now thanks to SteamVR world scaling. Even the cockpits in Flight Simulator 2020 needs slight scaling correction, the Fenix Airbus has a perfect life-like size in 110%, and the DCS jetfighters look great at 115-122% world size scaling.
    Alien Isolation needs SteamVR world scale adjustment of 125% otherwise small children´s hands are holding the flamethrower.
    You see how important size scaling is for VR? It is the main difference between being fully immersed, or being in a strange dwarven world where nothing has the right size and scale.

    So to get to the point, it is not possible for me to enjoy VR without world scaling option because only having the correct size of objects gives immersion.

    X-Plane for example has no world scale slider in VR, that´s why the cockpit chairs have the size for elementary school children, ridiculous and absolute impossible to immerse myself in such a cockpit.

    You see, not graphics but seeing objects in the the right proper world-like size makes a game a masterpiece or a no-go in VR. :)

    My question is:
    Has VorpX a world size slider option for games like Doom2016, Dishonored 2, (and I would also love to play Outlast and Soma if possible)?
    Without world scaling the immersion and sense of size and height is so off that a VR gane is not enjoyable.
    I need to know if I can adjust the size of the 3D world when using VorpX for a game before buying it :)


    The short answer is yes, for games that have working Geometry 3D there is a vorpX menu slider that controls the 3D strength and scale of the perceived game world.

    However, I must warn you that out of the 4 games you mentioned, only Outlast has G3D profile support. Games running on opengl/Vulkan or Dx12 will not have this G3D capability.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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