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    I am actually using my vr-gear on a daily basis now with vorpX and i even can´t imagine to go back to “regular” gaming on those tiny monitor screens. Whenever i put off my goggles while a game is still running, i often wonder how anyone can even barely “enjoy” a game on such a small 31-inch screen.

    While certain sidescrollers and other 2D games aren´t too much of a problem on a regular monitor-screen, FPS and similiar games feel somehow “useless” and pointless together when experienced on a monitor and it would be a hard pill to swallow if VR would be cancelled one day, coz getting used to regular monitors again, would be a long way to go for myself.

    PLUS…there is a shitload of reasons to play older titles once again, even if i´ve completed them already.


    yes it does, but the last game release that i like was Dying Light 2, after that my passion died slowly.


    For me it is the head tracking in all the games, just looking around is awesome.
    The sense of scale is a benefit but the quirk I like is the ability to quickly look left and right, up or down. I even like 3’rd person games like that. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best, aiming with head tracking is almost like having aimbot. I have a very strong stomach so no diziness here. Now I only wait for a better VR headsets with bigger resolution, fov and eye tracking for foveated rendering…in a few years time probably.
    The only thing that I don’t use VR for is strategy games or Factorio. That cause of the low resolution display of my Quest 2, lack of HDR and all of the above…sigh

    So thanks Ralf for making such a great tool!

    ps: I have a 32 inch screen, it’s enough but aiming with mouse vs head tracking…lackluster :)


    yes it does, but the last game release that i like was Dying Light 2, after that my passion died slowly.


    How come? Is it the market situation, i mean we are getting an overload with great games and i understand that if one ain´t “careful”, you´re getting too much of your beloved hobby and lose some joy and interest in it.

    In my opinion, many gamers also do the mistake to force themselves to go through one game, completing it and then start another game, but why? I have constantly installed a shitload of games and almost every week i am installing another one. If i am having enough of a title, i just leave it for some time until i am getting in the mood again. FAR CRY 6 for example! I had enough of that crap, wasn´t playing it for months and then all of the sudden, i got back to it again and enjoyed the title more than ever, the same goes for most titles.

    For me it is the head tracking in all the games, just looking around is awesome.

    Oh, i am not even talking about those FULL-VR experiences of non-vr games, of course they´re another thing and for some people the actual most important main story of vorpX. But i am already enjoying it a lot with the immersive screen-modes, that ultra-widescreen mode alone is worth the vorpX-app. Also, certain games in 3D are kinda not having any “soul” once you´re playing them in regular 2D mode.

    So all in all i could say the only big downside of vorpX would be that once you´re getting used to those great features, you painfully lose any interest in regular, old-fashioned gaming on old-fashioned gaming-hardware (monitors) to the point where you ask yourself, if there even is any point in playing computer-games without vorpX LOL.


    Ralf got us so hooked, LOL…

    But seriously, great topic, and one i’m passionate about, so i just have to add my thoughts.

    I’m a gamer who plays for the experience, which sometimes can be “life-changing”. Did i hear someone laugh? Bear with me for a moment (and excuse all the fighting with the English language :). I remember that in the 80s i watched “Star Wars: A New Hope” for the first time – i was a child then – and i can honestly say that it *did* change my life. It influenced my choice of profession, it contributed to my visual sensitivity and my style as an artist, and even influenced my way of thinking.

    Games do similar things for me, albeit, as a grown-up, on a smaller scale. I still remember how i felt while exploring the dungeons of “Quake” in the 90s, the sense of wonder and complete detachment from real-life in “Unreal”… I dreamt multiple times, like being really there, of the assault on the Chernobyl plant in the 1st STALKER game. I still now and then think about the stories & characters of “Mass Effect” and “Dragon Age”, and i still often ponder the mankind-old questions about consciousness and self-awareness i was confronted with in SOMA. I could go on and on, but it’s getting excessive…

    This is what kind of gamer i am. I don’t care about MP games or competition, combat and looting have always been a means to an end and IMO should be well balanced with story / characters / world building to remain fun. So you’d understand why the current native VR games don’t interest me. Thanks to vorpX i can enjoy “real” games with even more immersion, sense of scale, being inside the game-world etc. Oh and it’s the biggest upgrade to all those classic game experiences.

    >>>>>i often wonder how anyone can even barely “enjoy” a game on such a small 31-inch screen.<<<<<

    I still play flat from time to time, when the friction of current VR tech starts to annoy me too much, but then again i have an 38″ curved ultrawide monitor with DIY ambilight (got the idea from vorpX ambient background in immersive screen!). But it’s still inferior to what vorpX offers and i always come back to strapping a brick to my face.

    >>>>>we are getting an overload with great games and i understand that if one ain´t “careful”, you´re getting too much of your beloved hobby and lose some joy and interest in it.<<<<<

    This is a point that i’ve always been worried about since my teen years, so i’ve made a habit to always making sure that the things i “consume” (movies, games, books etc) are well chosen and only the best of the best. I’m never gonna play a samurai game because it’s the only samurai game in existence on PC – i’m gonna wait until some studio releases an excellent GOTY level samurai game and then i’m gonna play it. :)

    Oh, and i refuse to play multiple games at the same time. I need to immerse myself fully. If a game doesn’t “catch” me after a couple of hours, i uninstall. And maybe re-try years later. But i do careful research and this doesn’t happen often.

    Gotta get back to work, but i’m looking forward to my adventure in Undvik tonight. vorpX in Reverb G2 @2560×1440 Immersive Screen – i couldn’t imagine a better way to play “The Witcher 3”, even though i sometimes wish for a higher resolution and less screen door effect… It’s never enough, right? :)


    Did my post get deleted?


    The forum software considered it spam for some reason. Has been salvaged.

    I don’t know exactly how that works, my guess would be it disliked the ‘>>>>>’, ‘<<<<<'.


    I don’t care about MP games or competition

    I tried to get into MP-Games multiple times and it ALWAYS ended the same way:
    I just got bored after a maximum of a few weeks, no matter if it was old BF, BFII or PUBG (the very last MP-game i wasted my time with).

    So for me, those MP games are a full waste of time while the only “interesting” thing is that feeling of actually playing against other human players…but i am also getting used to this feeling so whats left then is: Running, gunning, hiding and jumping around like a nutcase, while i always wonder “Who really likes this shit?!?!?”.

    Sadly they focus on too many MP games today, while this could have the lovely side-effect of the industry getting overloaded with too many of those multiplayer-games (isn´t that happening already???) and people starting to have enough of them while too many of those mp-titles terribly fail to make serious money (especially not like PUBG did back the days). This would be like a dream coming true to me LOL.


    Absolutely, made two of my favorite games of all time Sekiro and Doom Eternal even better.

    Sekiro, 1.04 version, has a First Person Mod. You are face to face swordfighting, the thrill is unreal and I go back for another playthru every like 8 months or so.

    Doom Eternal doesnt have 6dof, but you can get it to give you the 3d effect. Install Reshade for Doom Eternal and include the “Side by Side 3d” option. Enable that. Launch Vorpx Desktop Viewer. In Vorpx Desktop Viewer, go to the setting for Side by Side 3d, enable it, and boom – youre in full 3d Doom Eternal.

    They are certainly my favorite games of all time and Vorpx just makes them shine even more.


    When I was a kid, my folks were nice enough to get the Vectrex. Back then those were cutting edge graphics and I recall more than a few times sitting infront of the box and pretending that I was in a starfighter. The games didn’t even have color, you had to put a plastic screen infront of the monitor to simulate color effects.

    VR and even the doll house effect takes a game to another level. You can ‘play a game’ or live the experience of whatever the game is about. That’s the difference with VR, we no longer have to imagine what the game world would be like, we can clearly see it.

    I’m still using the gen 1 Vive and I love it. I can’t imagine another headset being much better but when I upgraded from the PSVR to the Vive, I was totally blown away. I expect some really amazing stuff in the near future.

    Seph Swain

    Yeah, from zero gaming to 10h/week of Rocket League.
    Playing flat is no more option for me, for no game in the world.


    Playing flat is no more option for me, for no game in the world.

    I only play certain management/tycoon games on my regular monitor.

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