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    Hello people , i’m having several issues i will apoint next , for starters i’m playing Soul Axiom game , and the only way to play it is using geometrical 3d rendering , but when i use it idk why but i see some textures like floating out of place , for example when i see a led tv (or a rectangle to say things simple) the texture or image of this tv is floating out of place , happens with many other things like lamps , holograms , etc.

    Second problem with soul axiom , i see the floor and many textures waaay too dark , like way too obscure i pumped up all the ingame brightness and gamma with no results on the rift, it still looks dark and many times i can’t see where to go because im blinded by the darkness in game

    And the third problem is with Alien isolation at the moment. If i remember correctly i can only play with geometrical or without it , but when i play with geometrical rendering there is this weird bug where in one eye i see shadows and in the other eye i see no shadows , so the images override each other , or something like that.

    Are there any fixes for this issues?
    Thanks a lot in advance guys

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