Having a nightmare starting Skyrim on Vive.

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    I have tried for hours to get Skyrim running. Have managed it twice. Though sheer luck, even though it was really low res.

    My specks are.
    GTX 980ti 6gb.
    16 gig 2400 DDR3.
    i5 4690k
    Win 10

    The problems I am having.
    All the native VR games work on the Vive. But when trying to use VorpX.

    1, When I try to put Vive into “direct Mode” it just keeps going round and round telling me that “Steam VR is in extended mode. And Extended mode is not recomended, please switch to Direct mode?”
    So I click on “Enable Direct mode>” it then restarts dierct mode, cancelling the game launcher in the process. And then the popup appears again, above the SteamVR box saying the exact same thing,
    “Steam VR is in extended mode. And Extended mode is not recommended, please switch to Direct mode?”
    What am I doing wrong?

    2, Ralf in another thread mentioned that “vorpX only works in direct mode, extended mode pretty much is a thing of the past. I’m a bit surprised even that it is still available in SteamVR.”
    But I dont see an alternative, in display settings there are only 2 choices for the monitor, and the Vive, Extended. or Duplicate? so which should I set it to.
    And again why is the direct mode not coming on? is it because I have the wrong mode selected.

    I have also looks at the FAQ on “what is wrong before you post. And it says to clone the monitors not extend. But when I duplicate, (Which I assume is Windows 10s clone)
    Steam wont launch any games, even native VR gamess, as it says, “I need to enable extended display.”

    I then get a series of other popups, and crashes, than seem to be random. The most common is “Failed to initialize render, unknown error creating the renderer.
    Popup appears, and I have no idea what to do here.

    I have tried selecting Vive as main display.
    But that opens a whole bunch of new issues.
    1, That I cant access my main screen on the monitor.
    And in the Vive, when I click, or hold, or scroll middle mouse wheel I cant get the “edge peek to work.” So I cant read most of the text in popups, or instructions.
    So do I need to have Vive as primary display? to get Skyrim working?

    And other times the Vive screen just goes red, and I have to reboot the whole thing.

    I have tried to Google Guide to VIVE skyrim play / setup / launch etc. But what there is are for the Rift.

    I assume I am doing something fundamentally wrong, I just dont know what.

    I am not trying to be awkward, I just want get it working, as I know it will with the right information.

    Please., can anyone help.

    A step by step guild to starting Skyrim on the Vive please.

    Thank you for any help.



    OK fixed.

    I downloaded new drivers for my GPU, and that auto put my Vive into Clone mode.
    Yep I was barking up the wrong tree all this time changing the display in Windows, when it should have been the Nvidia control panel.

    So a lesson learned. The hard way.

    But seeing as I couldn’t see an option for deleting this post.

    Maybe it might help some other bod in the same pickle.

    Now Skyrim is running as sweet as a nut.
    And brother its freaky how real it is, when NPCs are life size.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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