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    Whenever i start up a game i start it up through the oculus being the main screen and is
    A) really hard to see the desktop icons
    B) almost impossible to read anything
    but when i set it up as a seperate second screen it doestn let me put my games in that window for some reason.
    but the main problem ive been having is that whenever i start up a game it splits into a screen that doesnt line up (like i cant see the center of the screen even on the desktop) and the motion tracking doesnt work.
    If someone could tell me how to fix this that would be awesome
    the games ive tried so far
    Skyrim (drums sound once then dont go off anymore)
    portal( cant see the center of the screen)
    dishonored(cant see the center of the screen and pops up in windowed mode
    crysis (screens arent facing each other)


    Its kinda like the screens are showing two different images instead variations of the same one and i forgot to mention head tracking doesnt work and the menu only pops up in crysis


    In portal it just shows like one big screen and so does dishonored


    like the main problem is that it display it like a screen not like an oculus should


    Any chance of a screen shot?


    A screen shot would indeed be nice, I’m not quite sure whether I understand the issue.

    If the problem is that you don’t get a side by side split image at all in the Rift, it’s quite likely that some other program on your PC that also hooks into games prevents vorpX from doing so. The trouble shooting guide in the help lists quite a few possible candidates for such a conflict. If you didn’t do so already, please check that out.


    I’m sure OP is talking about the fact that you see the left half of the screen in your left eye and the right half of the screen in your right eye. It is also distorted due to the lenses. This makes it very difficult to actually start a game when you have to select the rift as the primary display. To open Skyrim in Steam, I first set my screen to make the rift the primary, then I have to navigate through the startup screen by closing one eye and trying to click on the play button. Very cumbersome….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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