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    When I watch 3D movies in Skybox VR on Android, (Daydream or Gear VR) they have a mode that will lock the screen to always be in front of your eyes no matter where you turn your head. You can use the touchpad on the Android VR controller to zoom in and out. I always like to zoom it so that I can see the entire screen at once without cutting off the left or right end.

    I’d like to get an experience similar to that with games in VorpX. I want to be able to see the entire screen, headlocked, just with stereoscopic 3D effects added.

    Looking at the modes available, there’s a Cinema mode, but it’s not headlocked and it’s just a little bit too zoomed in to where I can’t quite see the entire screen at once. Then there’s immersive VR mode, which on the game I tried (Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor) is headlocked, which is good, but cuts off parts of the screen, only showing the middle, which is literally unplayable.

    There’s a vorpX control for zooming (shift + mousewheel) but it doesn’t stay zoomed the way I set it. It goes back to default as soon as I let go. I want the screen to be headlocked, with stereoscopic 3D, be able to zoom and then stay zoomed! How can I set it up that way?

    This isn’t a question about just the one game I don’t think. I think this is a general vorpX question.


    All 3 modes have a screen distance/zoom slider that you can adjust in the Delete key menu. You can also disable head tracking entirely on the tracking page.

    I just tested an ultra widescreen video in VLC and was just barely able to get the whole screen locked into view using the following:

    Main settings page: FullVR mode
    Image settings page: aspect ratio correction = Lettrbox 2, image zoom = 0.40 (lowest possible). While your in there try out the sharpness slider and crystal image to enhance picture quality.
    Head Tracking settings page: head tracking = off

    If you need to zoom out further still, use edgepeek button (click middle mouse). Edgpeek scale can be adjusted lower in the Display Settings page.

    If being able to see HUD elements in the far corners of the screen is your concern, many games have vorpX HUD adjustment sliders to narrow it into view better. Another alternative is use the edgepeek button to temporarily zoom out to see the entire screen (available in fullVR and immersive modes).

    Give those a try and let me know if you have further questions.


    I did eventually find the distance slider while I was trying another game, Portal

    From what I could see, FullVR mode did not have a distance slider. But Cinema Mode did and that helped a great deal.

    I think if I follow your suggestion to turn headtracking off, then that might just do the trick.

    I’m also excited to try PCSX2 which I see has a profile. That’s alot of games! I’ll make sure to reply back with results.

    By the way, I hope VorpX has an end-of-life plan. I’d hate to find out, 20 years from now, that no one can use the software because “activation” services have been abandoned without removing them as a requirement. Normally, stuff like that would be a dealbreaker for me, but as far as I know, VorpX has no serious competition.

    I heard about VorpX from Ross Scott of Accursed Farms and you know what he’s like about dead games.


    Yes, for some reason Image Zoom for fullVR is on the Image Settings page instead (click the arrows at the top to change pages).

    Aspect Ratio Correction: Letterbox 2
    Image Zoom: 0.40


    There are multiple pages!?

    That might solve all my issues at once! I can’t wait to get home and try it.

    Also, look at my edits to my last post please, thanks. ;)


    Several pages of useful settings adjusters :)

    If you want to unlock the full set, enable Expert Settings in the vorpX config app. You can experiment with all the sliders to learn what they do if you want, then reset the profile back to factory settings in the config app if you mess things up too bad. Have fun.

    Ralf is the only one who can answer your question about activation services. But surely 20 years from now vorpX will be mainstream, and Ralf will be living large off it’s success :)


    I wish nvidia would just hurry up and buy you guys out. The software is clearly good enough.

    Something like VorpX could be built into all non-VR games and would probably get favorable reception as being better than nothing.


    Shadow of Mordor works as desired with headtracking disabled. But for some reason, it turned the mouse sensitivity in the game way up beyond all reason, which I had to undo before it was playable. But after that, it worked great. Knowing that there were multiple pages of options made all the difference. Thanks for your help!

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