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    I (think I) know what head tracking is and how it works and what settings are there. I already used in imersive mode, where I can turn my head by that turn the camera in game slightly (depending on setting). But if I turn the head I will also look at the border of the screen unless I make the screen bigger than my view.

    1st Question/Suggestion:
    Wouldn’t it be good if (in immersive mode) not only the in game camera moves with my head but also the virtual screen?
    This way I would always see the full screen and no borders. I could even turn my head arround like in full VR.

    Currently I am playing Good of War using virtual desktop + 3D mod. Only this way I was able to get good geo-3D.

    2nd Question:
    How can I make head tracking work in virtual desktop?
    I understnad that it is probably not desired to move the mouse cursor with the head on the desktop, but after starting the game I would like to switch it on.

    Happy Easter!


    1. If I understand the question correctly, that would basically the same as switching to FullVR mode and then scaling down the image with the ImageZoom setting.

    2. You should be able to use mouse emulation head tracking with the desktop viewer as well by adjusting the head tracking sensitivity. Switching to FullVR and scaling down the image like described above should also work.


    Tried FullVR with ImageZoom. It is not the same as what I wanted as the screen also moves up/down and is not curved. But I have to experiment more to see if it is better alternative for me.

    But currently I play GodOfWar with DesktopViewer and there head tracking definitely only moves the screen (in FullVR) or my view onthe screen (in Immersive). I was not able to connect head tracking with the mouse.
    @Ralf: Did you test headtracking in desktopviewer? Is it working for you? Can you move te mouse cursor with your head?


    Yep, head tracking in Desktop Viewer seems broken. Can’t tell if it’s a recent problem, though.

    Ralf, can you please answer the question above (“Did you test headtracking in desktop viewer? Is it working for you? Can you move the mouse cursor with your head?”)? Or at least explain how to “use mouse emulation head tracking”?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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