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    I assume it might cause discomfort in directvr mode (or not) but playing some 1p games with head tracking when Im just looking at the screen especially in low res tiny head movements cause 1 pixel jumps on screen, it very irritating, even a bit sickening.

    Ive tried to toggle all kinds of things in head tracking options but none fixed the issue, I often have to switch off head tracking completely since even low HT values cause it or play with overdone fov, which seems to lessen the unpleasant part of the effect.

    If there was a setting to ignore tiny movements of the head and passing it as mouse input within vorpx it might become useful in some cases. I assume doing something about mouse sensivity or smoothing might fix issue too, but if you are playing using mouse you want specific way for it to behave, problem here is only in head tracking sending tiny mouse inputs and it should be solved within that part.

    Maybe settings could be how much pixels HT should ignore sending as mouse movement its really the tiny amount so vorpx classic sliders of 0-5 would probably do the trick.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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