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    I am receiving my Oculus hopefully tomorrow and found out about VorpX. It seems quite compelling, but there is one thing that I would defenitely require it to have.

    So my question is, can I bind for example the thumb button of the mouse to a function, that while I keep the button pressed allows for the headtracking to control the mouse/view. But the moment I let go of that button, only the mouse controls the view?


    only the mouse controls the view?

    You wouldn’t like that at all to happen, you are going to feel sick as you are about to cause yourself motion sick.

    I would recommend you to try normal VR games first to understand if you are prone or not to get sick while playing with movement. Some people can only play standing still games, and in VORPX remember you are going to simulate normal games in VR therefore, you are going to be in motion virtually.

    If you get sick, You could gain tolerance gradually by playing short sessions (5 or 10 minutes) that could be increased gradually.

    Doing that effect of the mouse is one of the worst effects.


    You normally only get sick when doing the movements wrong. Short, targeted, fast movements should prevent it. I am normally not prone to it though and I use 180 and ~90 degree bursts to turn, so the only movement I really see and that has a chance to get me motion sick is from running forward and strafing. It should work same way on VR theoretically. I will find out soon I hope ;)

    For using VorpX in shooters I need the ability to switch to “view mode” by keeping a button pressed, as described above. Or for a game where I only shoot via iron sights, I need the opposite. That means by default the head tracking needs to control the mousemovement, but the moment I press right mouse for iron sights, the headtracking control over the mouse needs to be disabled, until I let go of the button.

    Can VorpX do that? Shooting while headtracking still influences the mouse, will inevitably lower accuracy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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