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    Hello there,

    Is there a way to make “Head Tracking Multilpier” availiable under Full VR ?

    The reason i am asking is (forgive me if that has been asked already, or i dont understand the headtracking in the different modes),
    i got the settlers 2 – next generation working with a GTA IV Profile in Full VR. I can move the game around myself in 360 ° with the mouse and it looks very nice like its supposed to. BUT: The Headtracking ruins this completely.
    On one side the headtracking is needed, on the other side the headtracking moves the hole screen around.

    When switching to cinema mode i can solve this with setting Head Tracking Multilpier to 0, but i dont have the Full VR environment anymore.

    Would be nice if theres a way to fix this myself..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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