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    I am using some focal offset in Skyrim on the DK2 and it looks fantastic. However when I tilt my head it seems like the offset is not being applied correctly – I think it should tilt with your eyes, not remain level with the world. As a result I get double vision whenever I tilt my head.

    Other than this issue I am really enjoying the new VorpX, you have done an amazing job.


    How much do you tilt your head usually while gaming? ;) I will look into this.


    I get this too, any time you pivot your head the world becomes more and more blurry because its like the 3d offset is stuck on a horizontal axis and wont tilt with your head. I noticed this in rfactor, not sure if other games have it since I haven’t tried any since noticing.


    This problem still exists in VorpX 0.7.5

    I find that I do tilt my head slightly when doing natural head movements such as looking over your shoulder. If I disable headtracking roll then the mismatch gives me some noticeable motion sickness. With roll enabled the focal offset is problematic because it does not follow your head orientation (it stays at the world’s orientation)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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