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    Hi, i tried to setup head tracking in payday 2 and have no luck. If i control it with keyboard and mouse, i can setup tracking 1:1 with reality, but neutral position is unstable and fluctuates like with litle mouse movement. Even if i unplug the mouse. If i run it with xbox controller, HT is way too sensitive and i can’t change it to 1:1. Neutral position is stable but if i did some slow movement, it doesn’t affect in game character, so i can’t aim with it. Partially override controller nothing change. Is it caused by controller or is it something in settings? This game should be supported. I wanted to buy touch controllers, leap motion, MAG II or delta six but now i’m little bit disapointed with current state (may be caused by bad settings not bad vorpX).


    Some games do not allow mouse (used by vorpX for head tracking) and gamepad to be used together, which might be the case here. Normally that should be resolvable by using the vorpX gamepad emulation, which tries to override the gamepad. If that does not help, it might be worth a try to disable the gamepad in the game’s options menu in addition to using the gamepad emulation. If that also does not work, an external gamepad emulation (e.g. Pinnacle Profiler) might do the trick.


    Thank’s, i didn’t know that it emulates mouse, it makes sense now. If i get it right, it probably will work with oculus touch.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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