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    So I just bought vorpx over this last week and have been struggling to get any games to work. Mainly any of the halo games. Whenever I boot them up using the profile it all looks fine except for the fake every 2-3 seconds it drops to 0 frames in the headset for about 5 seconds. This frame drop is not shown on the monitor view where it continues to run very smoothly though.


    Headset? Pc congiguration?


    I’m using the original rift and my PC is a gaming laptop with a GTX 1060 as well as an i5 for the processor.


    First please try whether the issue goes away if you switch vorpX to another output mode. SteamVR, OpenXR and Oculus should all work with a Rift. With some luck the issue occurs just in one of them.

    For gaming laptops it’s also of utmost importance that games run on the same GPU that your headset is connected to. Ideally disable the CPU graphics completely if possible to ensure only the GTX 1060 is ever used.

    If the above does not solve the issue, check for anything on your PC that potentially might interfere by also hooking into the rendering pipeline of games. E.g. any GPU/CPU tool or chat applications, basically anything that can show an overlay in games.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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