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    Ever since I started using Vorpx 3 years ago I’ve had a relatively minor issue when using Vorpx headtracking. Honestly I just got used to it over time but I’d figure I’d give a shot at fixing it now that I am looking to refine my VR Experiences.

    Issue Description:

    The issue is that whenever I turn 360 degrees with headtracking on, there appears to be 1 degree that causes a screen stutter. Just for a moment and it passes as soon as I rotate past that 1 out of 360 degrees. This stutter angle appears to stay consistent for either an entire session of Vorpx in a given game or potentially during a play “Area” (I.e resets after reloading save or going through loading screen.) Any time I rotate to that angle it stutters and the image shifts about 5 degrees for a split second and then re-aligns properly.

    Headset: Oculus CV1 with 2 sensor 360 degree setup


    -This issue occurs with and without directvr rotation on.
    -Occurs in every game I use VorpX headtracking with
    -Doesn’t occur when I disable Vorpx Headtracking and use:
    1) my mouse to spin 360 degrees
    2) A python script to turn my Oculus into a mouse.

    I don’t have any issues with native VR games such as Skyrim VR, Fallout VR, Superhot etc. If I use Virtual Desktop with my oculus to mouse headtracking script above I do not have this issue. Seems to be specifically related to Vorpx headtracking.

    One additional tidbit is that when I use an AutoOculus Touch script that turns my oculus touch into a mouse, I run into a very similar issue at the exact same degree. I will gladly post the scripts I use for this and headtracking to mouse if that will help.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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