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    So I started on the DLC content of New Vegas since I am nearing the end game and am contemplating playing my next non VR game in VR using the amazing VorpX. With New Vegas I’ve effectively been playing the game in VR from start to finish.

    I am thinking of playing Oblivion next. I don’t want to play Skyrim or Fallout 4 since these will have native VR modes in the near future. I want to focus on gems that will unlikely have native VR support in the future, like New Vegas which VorpX helps make it feel like a native VR game especially when played standing.

    If I recall correctly, Direct VR doesn’t support Oblivion. This means there won’t be positional headtracking right? And rotational head tracking would simply be emulating the mouse? What should I expect when trying to play Oblivion in VorpX vs my present experience with New Vegas where I rely on Direct VR?


    I recently played Oblivion. It has Direct VR and it works very well. Everything is great except shadows don’t render properly so they must be disabled (as per default with geo 3D).
    Do you have steam version oblivion?


    I have the steam version of Oblivion. Great to hear it has Direct VR! Since Morrowind is a Gamebryo game, does it have Direct VR support as well?


    Direct VR is rotation+position only for Oblivion. for the FOV open the console (“~” key) and enter “fov 111” (without the quotes) for the default ImageZoom of 1.0.

    The next vorpX version will do this automatically with a perfectly calculated FOV after the DirectVR scan has been run and also solves a pesky issue with the FOV being reset in Oblivion every time you change to third person view inadvertantly with the mouse wheel. Also shadows and light fx shown at wrong depth have been fixed.

    Since the game plays a lot more comfortable without these glitches, I would recommend to wait a little longer. I still don’t have a release date yet though.

    No Direct VR for Morrowind currently.


    The game itself works good but is there a solution for the hud? you can not see your health mana and stamina when playin without edge peek


    I like to play with a mod called Immersive HUD. It hides health and mana ect, unless they are in action. I think it lets you change position and size too but I just always hide em because I like to play with no UI at all. Maybe look up different UI mods?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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