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    Downloaded and installed vorpx for my dk2. Is there a current list of compatible titles and full instructions how to get them going please?
    I’ve tried a few titles, one was f1 2013 but it was so much in my face it hurt. No 3d perspective at all, it was like zoomed right in to the centre of the screen with most of the screen out to the sides and too like a goldfish bowl. Must be doing something wrong. You’ll probably point me to a how to use guide, but I’ve followed the guide as far as I can tell.


    You’re right, I will. The “How to get the most out of vorpX” guide in this case. :) What you are seeing is the FOV (field of view) of the game being too low. Various strategies how to deal with that issue in different games are explained in the guide.

    In F1 2013 the FOV can be changed either by using the 3D FOV Enhancement in the vorpX ingame menu if you use Geometry 3D, or by using an external utility to change the FOV, which probably is the better method. Googling for “f1 2013 fov” will give you download locations and short tutorials for such a tool.

    If you can live with black bars at the top/bottom of the image you can also use one of the letterbox aspect ratio modes or alternatively the ImageZoom function of vorpX.


    Thankyou Ralf! I’ll give it a go…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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