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    The panels are too close by about 15% when I open a inventory.. now I can use the bind to view the windowed display, but can the pnels be made a bit smaller in the game config?


    You can either scale the HUD further down on the image page of the vorpX ingame menu or switch to EdgePeek mode (mousewheel click), which for me is the best way to work with inventory screens/menus etc.


    Is there a way to remove the “lag” from the controller head movement? The game is responsive and not lag when I move around with mouse, but when I try the controller head tracking, it’s as if my character was drunk.

    Also, any mods out there that remove big hands from First player mode?


    Please make sure that the game runs fast enough if you experience any severe lag. You can check the current frame rate by pressing [ALT][F]. Do not ignore warnings that vorpX may show in this regard. For smooth gameplay you need 45fps, Skyrim can easily drop below that with highest settings.

    Depending on your PC, choose either the “High” or “Medium” preset in the Skyrim launcher. “High” should work fine on high end GPUs like GTX1070/1080, “Medium” is the right choice for VR minimum specs GPUs (GTX970). Alternatively switch to Z-Buffer 3D in vorpX, which doesn’t look as good but is a lot faster.

    If you use mods, remove all of them, especially graphics enhancing (“ENB” etc.) mods and hires texture packs. Add them back one by one to sort out the ones with a high impact on frame rate.

    Hands can be fixed by setting fDefault1stPersonFOV under [Display] in your Skyrim.ini to something in the range of 120-140. Caveat: to apply the value you need to open the “star menu” and/or map once. After that the value will stick.

    The next vorpX will have a bunch of improvements that make this easier and also remove one frame of extra latency on Vive, but Skyrim will stay a game where you have to keep an eye on your settings for a smooth frame rate.


    Am I looking at “game FPS” or “direct 3d” fps?


    What resolution do you recommend?


    Game FPS is the value that the game runs with, it’s the one that needs to show 45fps for smooth gameplay. If you use a Vive, Direct Mode FPS should always show 90fps, otherwise you will get serious judder.

    What resolution you can run a game with depends on your PC. The default suggestion of 1280×1024 is a compromise between quality and speed. Quality wise 1600×1200 or 1920×1440 are better, but whether your machine can handle that I cannot know.

    Achieving a decent Game FPS of at least 45fps is absolutely paramount for smooth VR gameplay. That is the most important thing to keep an eye on when you tweak quality and resolution in any game.


    Hello, that’s my first post although I playing with Vorpex for a while now :)

    So I manage to set up Skyrim with a satisfying level of smoothness and details what took me a while but the effects are great G3D 1920X1440, AA x4, Anisotropic X8 directly through nvidia driver, shadows low and rest off settings on ULTRA. With that settings game running between 40 and 60 fps in outeriors (although I haven’t been in any other town than Riverwood so far) and never bellow 85 in interiors.

    Thanks for rich base of Skyrim modes I manage to reposition and rescale all HUD elements so they would be visible without using Edge Peak to often.

    The last problem I’ve got is caused by being unable to rescale SkyUI inventory menu. I can do it using build in Vorpex settings, but then whenever I press Edge peak,inventory menu going back to standard size. Why would I want change the size of any menu in Edge peak mode? Well when I looking at the item in top left corner and then moving my had to see its statistics in bottom right corner mouse cursor moving together with my head and it just getting on my nerves when I have to choose it again, and again, and again. It causing me to continuously wearing, buying and selling incorrect items.

    So… is there any way to scale the HUD in the Edge peak mode via Vorpex? Or the way to disable mouse cursor movement but not headtracking? Or maybe somebody knows another way to rescale SkyUI menus? Maybe is there a setting in SkyUI settings I missed?

    Please help :)

    And btw, Ralf thank You for that amazing piece of software. Without It VR wouldn’t be the same.


    Menu scaling is not available in EdgePeek mode on purpose. With a lot of games menus aren’t always fully usable while being scaled (Fallout Pipboy is a prominent example), that’s why it gets scaled back in EdgePeek mode.

    The next vorpX version will have head tracking without mouse simulation for Skyrim though. A nice side effect of this is that it solves the glitch you describe since the cursor won’t move anymore when you move your head.


    Does that mean aiming will be decoupled? If solving that glitch will be only side effect I wonder what can be the purpose of this update, and decoupled aiming is the only thing I can think about. If Yes they should give You the Nobel prize :)

    P.S. Any chances new version will be released before Christmas? :)


    No, aiming will not be decoupled. That’s something that has to be supported by the game itself. The main purpose of this easier setup. And yes, it will be before Christmas.


    Ralf,do you think it would be possible to obtain faster/smoothness of head movement using the new tracking straight when replacing the current head tracking mouse?

    PD:Take two days,doing some tests and practices with Skyrim
    I’ve got some interesting results with CV1,1920×1440 resolution,hight quality Skyrim launcher,(strix Asus 1080 GTX, and i7 overclocking above +4.0 ghz)

    between 45-62 Fps get outdoors, indoors, well above even 89 fps often.
    (Only 6 mod installed at the moment, to improve VR experience
    no cameras sway 1st and 3st, moderate speed running e.t.c.)

    However, I would like to improve tracking even more.
    I have periodically some annoying effects, although I’m not completely sure if it’s only tracking,vibration due to timewarp,stutter,or all together :)
    I have tested with mouse acceleration On/Off in SkyrimPref.ini,Skyrim.ini and vorpx menu.
    Skyrim is awesome with Vorpx in Cv1,but I would like to improve a little more, head tracking and performance, before continuing with other mod carefully, and wait for the new version of Skyrim (remastered edition)to continue testing,and finally start.


    *edit* Sorry. I replied the the wrong thread. Bad things happen when posting on the train.

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