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    I’m new to VorpX and trying to get it working with Jupiter Hell and I’d appreciate any advice you guys could offer. It’s a (pancaked) 3D isometric roguelike, a graphical style which some reddit comments claim is ideal for leveraging VorpX’s stereoscopic 3D. I’ve searched thoroughly but haven’t found much in the way of a generalized guide for troubleshooting unsupported games.

    VorpX successfully hooks the game when run in OpenGL but turning on normal or adaptive 3D just results in a black screen. Is that the end of the line or is there something more I can tweak?


    It is unlikely that Vorpx will support it.
    Vorpx will ‘hook’ almost any game as just a flat screen, but it needs particular support to get 3D and Jupiter Hell is made with a custom engine that the developers invented.

    If you really wanted to spend time experimenting you could try this:


    Too bad, thanks anyway.

    I’ll just turn my attention to the supported games for now.


    Actually I have read that Icarus is developed with unreal engine. so it will most likely work with vorpx

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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