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    far car 4 seems to be working fine so far, I haven’t progressed too far because of issues with the controller. I am unable to use the right stick to aim at all. head tracking works, but playing an FPS with just my head would be tiresome and I need the stick for precise aiming. If I keep my head completely still, I can move the reticle a few degrees with aggressive back and forth joystick movements. I believe the source of the issue is with the “hotpad” controller function integrated in the game. when I am in the games menu and I keep my head still I can see the button layout legend in controller format. but once I start looking around the legend switches to keyboard format. I have tried using the vorpx key binding feature but the buttons on the controller aren’t correlating properly to their respective buttons. for example when I try to program wasd and I use up, down, left, and right it makes them all left shift. I cant find the area for the L3 and R3 buttons either.

    Any ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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