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    I had to wipe and reinstall windows on my pc and I got the code to redownload the program but now it is asking for registration key. I followed the steps to receive one and have not yet. Is it computer generated? Or do I have to wait till someone is back in the office? Thank you!


    No recent key request from you has reached us. Please make sure to send the request from the same mail address that used to register vorpX originally. Should only take a few minutes usually. The system does not reply to unknown mail addresses though.

    If you are sure you have sent your mail from the right mail address, the mail did not go through for some reason. In that case use the contact from linked in the support menu. Messages sent that way have to be processed manually though, which will take a while.

    BTW: You only need a new key if the request code shown in the license dialog has changed. If it’s still the same as before, your original key still works.


    Hi, in the program, when you click the register button, it opens up an email with the new number to send. I just added the details of my first registration, and they sent me a new key very quickly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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