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    Ok so after some majure tweaking I got this working :D

    So how about getting something like that straight in to VorpX iterface ;)


    Either I am lost or you have not told us anything?
    Got what working?????


    Some weird reason youtube link was removed :O
    But here it is!


    I will make new video that explains this and setup better :)
    But those who uses Rift to “demo” it to friends or keep “rift nights” VRpartys :D know what this means :)

    So now we have normally only 2 way to demo stuff first is official and it is Direct HMD access that automatically copy Rift image to main monitor but if used in Extended mode there is no way you to see what is going on in VR player vision without third party soft named Open Broadcaster and that hits badly to performance :/

    but even with that you only see copy of Rift image like this:

    But I managed to get game running normally in main monitor as demonstrated in youtube video ;)


    This isn’t something for everybody if you don’t tell us how you did it. I agree that it is a much needed attribute. It would be wonderful to use when showing someone the rift so you can guide them when they get into trouble.


    Finlander – it looks good. Så how did you do it? :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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