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    Going through the forum i read resolution recommendations like 1440,1600, 1800 ect. I run most games around 3000, mostly 3200, as higher as more quality as we know. But whill this still count for resolutions way above that like 4000, 4700 or whatever ? My graphics card let me choose only resoultions up to 3450 i think, so i cant not test that. – For a future PC overhaul i am thinking of buying another graphics card, but i am not shure if that 3200 against 4700 makes that same difference then like 1600 against 2560 for example. Anyone has experience with “the highest possible” resolutions ?

    Your oppinion ?


    ..a few hours later..

    somehow i thought i couldnt get higher with my settings. Now i managed to test 4200 x something and i was impressed how much more details this res. had against 3200 x X. For example a sign at a wall in a distance of about “10m” was clearly readable while the letters were relatively washed out with 3200 res.

    Perhaps this may be relevant only for higher resoultion HMDs like the vive pro.


    Unless games enforce their own limits, the resolution is limited by the max. texture size allowed by the graphics API. For DX9 that would be 4096×4096, for DX10 8192×8192, and for DX11 16384×16384.


    Very interesting, good to know.
    Thanks Ralf !


    You can also be limited to what your monitor can handle. I’ve recently switched from a 1200p Ultrasharp that could get me near 5k, to a 1440p that can go even higher.

    With my new video card I’m able to push just above 6k in AC Odyssey before it starts dumping dramatically below 36fps. You’d think that sounds crazy, but I still notice subtle world detail improvements the higher I go in my Pimax 8k. In the distance particularly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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