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    The Park looks neat! Have to check it out, thanks.

    Hitman 2016 (G3D/Z3D)

    Managed to get both Geometry and Z-normal working with separate profiles, so I uploaded both to try. G3D yields a slight halo effect around 47 and NPCs, so Z3D is probably my preferred – looks near as good at this distance.
    Game FOV is slightly lower than I had hoped, but is still very playable in curved cinema.

    – set to Direct3D11 in launcher
    – use 16:9 resolution (1920×1080)

    *Play in edgepeek mode or use forced FOV Enhancement if FOV feels too low
    *Set G3D Shadow Treatment to OFF to disable bad shadows (Auto for ON)
    *Free Demo available on Steam

    Sniper Elite V2 (Z3D)

    I tried a long time to find Geometry for this one (for those bone-shattering bullet cams 😁) but failed. The world looks quite nice in Z-normal cinema though, so I’m happy with it. Cutscenes look great too.

    – before each launch, pause vorpX Watcher. Once game launcher is ready, resume Watcher and click Play
    – use a 16:9 resolution (1920×1080)

    *Using in game supersampling can disable 3D

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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