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    Hitman 3: Contracts (G3D)

    Used dgVoodoo base profile and works really well in either Cinema/Immersive mode. Full VR works as well but you will need a high FOV. Requires dgVoodoo. Also nice that the game allows the gamer to switch between either first person or third person. Disabled one reflection shader and all looks really good including skybox and UI. I have the retail version from years back and this is blast to play in G3D. I am using the widescreen fix with a multiplier of 1.3 for FOV. I am using a maximum custom resolution of 2400 x 1350 16:9 which makes all text just legible. Anything higher will make things difficult to read. You can find the widescreen fix and game tweaks here

    @RJK_ Can you give me brief instructions and the information you need to add to your website. I have no problem doing this, I am unaware on how to go about doing this.

    Profile uploaded to the cloud.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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