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    My Lenovo Y510P with dual graphics does not have middle button. do i need to wait for my trackball to come in?
    Will I be able to see that menu in the right corner of skyrim if I use the mouse?
    How do I read text in Teamfortress trying to do the training and cant read a thing.

    Half life 2 …looks great on laptop…says vorpX logo below stereo images…
    but rift says no signal…team & sky seem to send video though.

    Another game you can recommend that should work easy?



    Hi Wally,

    The EdgePeek key will be made mappable to another key in an future update.

    HL2: Please check your monitor settings. You can try to force output to a specific monitor via the vorpX Configuration program.

    The safest monitor configuration though is setting Windows to Clone Mode and Use System Settings in the vorpX Config.


    ok..messed with this and with that..not quite sure what i did.
    Half life shows up on the rift.
    The steroscopic is all way off. the screen looks like two big circles and not like bloated squares…i think it is fish eye like also…i cant bring the views together with my eyes..

    Team Fortress works correctly..so it is not global.

    windows 8
    half life 2 latest steam

    show on all mon
    vignette 1
    enable head & roll
    my profile (ipd 72)
    enable advanced
    run vorpx as admin


    The circles are correct, that is how vorpX displays it’s content.

    Do you really have such a high IPD? Less then 5% of all people have an IPD >=72mm (according to Wikipedia). Try to lower it and see whether that helps you to bring the images together.


    the right eye…a center menu almost goes off the screen. I called my eyeglasses store they said my ipd was 36 and that sounds weird for someone 5’9″ I figured it was some other way to measure ipd and i doubled it because 72 falls within the range of normal.

    Please note that teamfortress looks absolutely fine to me at ipd 72.

    I hit del in the HL2 game….and tried sliding things around…..i could see some settings make the scene start to come together but barely. Whatever is going on is way to out of wack for settings to fix.

    I will try calibrate instead of punching 72 in the ipd.


    I can force my eyes to see 3d. and the above picture works correct. Things seem so far off I thought maybe the screens were being switched left to right..frustrating..the valve opening scene and the vorpx disclaimer also do not display / come together in 3d correctly.

    trying the calibration demo and teamfortrss works displays 3d fine.

    going to try to go to stock nvidia drivers. Also uninstalled 3d drivers..i overlooked that…why did they install 3d when this laptop has no 3d screen?


    Just use the native VR mode for HL2, should be much better than any injector solution.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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