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    So does anyone tried Hogwarts Legacy with VorPx? I dont want to create a profile, which one would be appropriate to use?


    You can use cyberpunk2077 profile. For hogward and all game that work in dx12


    There’s a couple profiles on the cloud already you can import.

    The profile I started with was from Grounded (another Unreal Engine 4 dx12 game) and it worked right away. Z3D. Remember no G3D for dx12 games.

    This game eats ram hard and seems to have problems with stutters or load crashes if you don’t have enough. For me it uses 22gb ram + 10gb vram of my 11gb 2080ti. So if you have less than that, you might struggle to even launch this game.

    I use vorpX in openXR mode and run the game in a window 3200×1800 with dlss quality on.


    I tried the Cyberpunk profile and game did not start. I have 32 GB RAM and dan 3070 graphic card.

    What is openXR mode? I usually start Vorpx without any parameters.


    I too have been unable to get Hogwarts to launch with the available cloud profiles unfortunately. The profile that says it was created with the beta will not even download. I expect these may be beta issues (Ralf did very clearly warn us that his beta is really a beta.)


    Hello, I have used the Cyberpunk 2077 profile and the game started without problems but I have a question. I would like to play this with a gamepad, for which I have had no problem mapping the main keys but I see no way to do the same with the button combinations (eg RB+Y). Is there any way to fix this?


    so how is hogwarts in vr? is it amazing?>

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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