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    An eventful week for line battle gaming – Holdfast just released it’s free WW1 dlc update, and Battle Cry of Freedom will open it’s free demo week beginning tomorrow until March 1st launch day.

    I have already jumped into Holdfast for a little action among the trenches and have put together a vorpX cloud profile for the new update:

    Holdfast: Nations At War & WW1 (G3D)

    -For best 3rd & 1st person FullVR FOV combination, create and use a custom square 1:1 resolution:

    1440 x 1440 – performance
    1728 x 1728 – balanced
    1920 x 1920 – quality
    2160 x 2160 + TAA – ultra

    (The game performs the best in windowed mode, but only allows to set resolutions as high as your monitor is currently displaying. Before launching the game, I set my desktop resolution to 2160 x 2160, and therefor I am able to choose any of these resolutions in Windowed mode in the game)

    -set First-person Camera FOV to 100 in game settings
    -Low to Medium settings recommended, with Textures on High
    -Shadows = Medium or Off, AA = FXAA, Motion Blur = Off

    *all HUD elements can be turned off individually in settings
    *assign a hotkey to toggle 1st/3rd person easily
    *vorpX Shadow Treatment can toggle off snow textures if desired
    *tested on HP Reverb with mouse/keyboard

    The profile also works with the updated Nations At War graphics overhaul, although a bit more performance heavy. If for some reason you load into a black screen, try changing the overall graphics setting between Medium and Low. I have fixed most situations this might occur, but it still might happen depending on the map.

    I will be installing the Battle Cry of Freedom demo as soon as it is available, and will post a profile as soon as possible for anyone who wants to try the demo this week. Until then, a bit of gameplay:


    I’m happy to report that the Battle Cry demo is working great in G3D. A little heavy like all new games, but all effects are 3D. Once you turn off the cartoon colors, nametag icons and HUD, you can get a very immersive first-person battle experience that feels much more convincing than what you see in the typical videos. Cloud profile and recommended settings:

    Battle Cry of Freedom (G3D)

    -use a 4:3 resolution (or any desired ratio can work in this case)

    1920 x 1440 – performance
    2560 x 1920 – balanced
    2880 x 2160 – quality
    2480 x 2260 (my own custom resolution optimized for FOV + clarity of my Reverb)

    Again, windowed mode works best here, so make sure your desktop is set to a resolution equal to or higher than you will use in game.

    -set FOV to 88
    -Anti Aliasing = TAA
    -turn off Color Correction
    -Medium graphics and shadows recommended, with Textures on High

    -offset 3rd person camera side to max 0.3
    -default zoom on 3rd person camera to -2.0
    -enable Hide HUD (also choose which elements the HUD can display)
    -turn off icons and nametags
    -auto aim down sights (optional, I prefer to toggle with hotkey)

    Keys to assign
    -toggle 1st person
    -toggle ADS aim down sight
    -Character camera rotation (free-look)
    -toggle HUD

    *try the alternative “crackling” sounds for guns. Music can be turned off
    *vorpX Shadow Treatment can toggle off sunshine if you want a bleaker overcast lighting
    *tested on HP Reverb with mouse/keyboard

    I encourage anyone interested in war games to give this a try this week while it’s free. Defending a fortress under siege when the 100+ enemy are pouring over the walls in gunsmoke, then loud close quarters chaos ensues – it’s epic to witness and intense to play.

    A better idea of first person gameplay to scan through, but it’s better in VR of course :)

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